Friday, September 28, 2007

"SSI: Sex Squad Investigation" review

SSI: Sex Squad Investigation (2006)

Director: Thomas J. Moose
Writer: Andy Sawyer

Andy Alfrick ... Bob Jurunkle
Susie Best ... Hooker
Frank Bowdler ... President Shrub
John Paul Fedele ... John Honeysuckle
Angelina Havusinner ... Seductress
Natalie Heck ... Jessica Shrub
A.J. Khan ... Officer Katrina Lightbody
Lexi Martinez ... Christian Girl
Mckenzie Matthews ... Vice President
Thomas J. Moose ... Mickey Honeysuckle
It takes a man, not just any man mind you, but a man named Moose to bring the fun and sleaze back to Seduction Cinema. Thomas J Moose, not to be confused with Rocky J Squirrel, directs “Sex Squad Investigation” like someone who can’t get enough of watching pretty girls kiss each other. A Moose after my own heart.

“Sex Squad Investigation” is one of Seduction Cinema’s better softcore flicks. A film that revels in the joy of watching naked women suck each other’s nipples and lips. I ask you, isn’t this what fine cinema is all about? My man Moose thinks so. We are on the same wavelength.

So AJ Khan and her goofball partner are trying to track down a hot British seductress because sex is just not allowed anymore. They become tangled up in a mystery involving the president and his nympho daughter. Somehow the hot vice president, (Mckenzie Matthews AKA Caitlin Ross), is involved in the sex conspiracy but doesn’t partake in any of the carnal festivities. It’s up to AJ Khan to pick up the sex slack and wrap this ridiculous case up.

The first two sex scenes in “SSI” are top notch. The first scene had the British babe dressed in a nun outfit seducing a large breasted black woman. I was moved to tears during this scene for the extra effort to add a little mild kink to the softcore proceedings. The second sex scene had the temptress seducing a young blonde girl who was wearing a cheerleader outfit. This scene was also excellent as they couldn’t get enough of each other’s breasts and I couldn’t get enough of watching.

The rest of the movie was fairly standard. AJ Khan looked good but her sex scenes didn’t make me want to howl at the moon screaming her name as I usually do. But how about that vice president? Caitlin Ross has a great body with fantastic legs. Although she doesn’t have any sex scenes, she does get naked near the end and I’m a better man for it. Overall, I enjoyed this one. It’s worth a look.
SCORE: 3 out of 4 hot VP's

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