Saturday, September 04, 2010

Hustler Hollywood night

I have been recovering from work related, (and vacation related), activities lately and needed something to jump start me back to the land of the living. When I heard about the Hustler Hollywood night at the Whisky a Go Go on Sunset, I knew this was the proverbial shot in the arm I needed. There was a benefit going on and I was glad to do my part. I believe the theme of the night was "Keep Porn Alive". Or at least legal. So my friend and I wandered into the Whisky and I got myself a beer to see what was going on with the porn stars. Hustler Hollywood was serving up a mixture of porn publicity, sex toy demonstration and alcohol. A strong combination to be sure. MILF extraordinaire Nina Hartley got on stage to show us all that a lifetime of porn movies doesn't warp you into a mindless sex zombie. She says she's been in "the industry" for 25 plus years. My friends, that's a lot of sex. So she knows what she's saying when she laments the attacks on her industry by various state and federal prosecutors around the country. After Nina left the stage the evening took a less serious turn as the porn stars took the stage to promote their products. First up was Girlfriend's films, an all lesbian porn outfit. They all got on stage and talked about the beauty of hot girl/girl action. There wasn't a dry eye in the house. Or was I the only one listening? Then they showed a collection of scenes from their latest lesbian flicks.

You haven't lived until you've watched porn stars watch themselves have sex. It was magical.

Next up was Alektra Blue showing us all the latest in anal sex technology.I think there is a motor in the front or something. The men were talking about it so I wasn't really listening. But Alektra seemed to like it.
Alektra decided to spread the love around and grabbed the co-host of the evening, (a reality TV personality), for a hands-on demonstration.She enjoyed herself. The Wicked Girls joined Alektra Blue on stage to promote their latest big budget porn flick.They all got a chance to say a few scripted words about the motorcycle sex movie they were promoting.

But how does one become a Wicked Girl? Is there some sort of screening process? Is there anything the Wicked Girls have in common, (besides being hot?). What makes one porn star Wicked-worthy and others not? Do the girls all get along or are they all just too wicked?
We may never know all the answers but the studio system is alive and well in the Valley.
After the porn movie promotion was over, it was time to have an orgasm contest. Four, (or was it five?) ladies got onstage to show us how they fake their orgasms.
Porn star Belladonna, (who apparently had just shaved her head. On a side note, I used to have a thing for Sinead O' Connor so this was kind of working for me), was one of the judges. She is an expert in this field and did not cut anybody any slack.
The first contestant needed some visual help to get her juices flowing. The host was happy to oblige.
The next contestant didn't want to fake her orgasm as she dropped to the floor an subsequently dropped her pants and rubbed one out for all to see.
She was very naughty. But this is what happens when you get a room full of exhibitionists together. Add in some horny guys with cameras and you have the recipe for mayhem. Then we were treated to another contest. This time, "Top Blowjob on a Penis shaped candy stick" was on the line. The naughty contestant from the screaming O contest jumped right into the candy shaft licking contest.It was very suggestive. She seemed to know what she was doing. I was impressed.
But then Belladonna got involved in the contest and she turned up the heat. The candy didn't stand a chance.I left the Whisky soon after this oral display. I knew I had just witnessed the peak of the evening and wanted to leave on a high note. After saying a few goodbyes, my friend and I wandered down to the Rainbow Bar and Grill for some fried cheese goodness. But it was Belladonna's shaved head bouncing on a candy dong that kept running through my mind. She was the winner this evening. Well, actually we all were.


Michael Whiteacre said...

Glad you had a good time, Doc. You got some terrific photos.

Your blog entry reflects all that was wonderful about the evening. However, you neglected to mention that the show was a benefit for the Free Speech Coalition -- the lobbying arm and trade association for the adult business; and that it was the beautiful Charlie Laine (the star of one of my anti-piracy PSAs for the FSC), and her friend (and fellow Wisconsin-born Penthouse Pet) Melissa Jacobs, who came up to the stage to make out with each other in between Nina Hartley and Girlfriends Films' respective presentations. That moment in indelibly etched into my mind.

And, incidentally, the gal who did the two-on-one oral demonstration with Belladonna was Erica McLean, the widow of famed Hustler photographer and director Clive McLean. Clearly, he died a happy man.



Dr. Gore said...

Thanks Mr. Whiteacre. I needed a night of porn stars and beer.

It was also the first time I had ever been to the Whisky a Go Go. This was the way I wanted my first experience to be. I also had never been to the Rainbow Bar and Grill. The fried cheese sticks were really good after drinking beer and standing for three hours. Any other time, they may not have been so tasty.

I was wondering who Belladonna's tag team member was. Mr McLean was a lucky man. So was that candy dong.

J.R. LeMar said...

Nina Hartley is still the best in the business, as far as I'm concerned.

MIchael Whiteacre said...

I just shot Nina for my latest (documentary) project, and she still IS the best.