Saturday, February 07, 2009

"Bottom Feeder" review

Bottom Feeder (2006)

Director: Randy Daudlin
Writer: Randy Daudlin

Tom Sizemore... Vince Stoker
Wendy Anderson... Krendal
Richard Fitzpatrick... Charles Deaver
Amber Cull... Sam
Martin Roach... Otis
James Binkley... Nathaniel Leech
Simon Northwood... Wilkes

Tom Sizemore and his cleaning crew go to an abandoned hospital to take out the trash. Little do they know that a diabolical madman has turned a scientist into a carnivorous rat monster. Yes. That's right. I said a diabolical madman has turned a scientist into a carnivorous rat monster. The scientist was injected with a serum that makes you turn into anything you eat. So naturally, he finds time to chow down on a rat. He's now the Bottom Feeder. He wants to eat Tom Sizemore so he can turn into a real man. No one, but no one, takes a bite out of Sizemore and lives to tell about it. It's on.

Ahh Tom Sizemore. I've enjoyed watching his antics in many films. He was great in "True Romance", pleasantly insane in "Natural Born Killers" and ruthlessly efficient in "The Relic". Now there's "Bottom Feeder". It's a movie title that affords you many opportunities to make disparaging remarks but I'll control the urge. I don't know how Sizemore made his way to B-movie land but it's a testament to his skill that he still gives it his all as he's battling beasts in basements as only he can.

"Bottom Feeder" is a perfectly acceptable B-movie. I enjoyed watching Sizemore and friends sprint across a cheap set as a guy in a rat costume chased them around. It's a relief that "Bottom Feeder" didn't bother with cheap CGI and instead went for cheap makeup effects. That's really the key to enjoying a monster movie. You have to have a guy in a rubber suit attacking people. The bottom feeder attacked every human he saw, blood gushed out of their necks and everybody was happy.

"Bottom Feeder" is worth a look if you're in the mood for a monster movie. I wouldn't say it's Tom Sizemore's best movie but it's always nice to have a real actor show up to wreck havoc on evil abominations. Any movie is a better with a little Sizemore in it. Sometimes rat monsters deserve to fight the best. The best didn't show up but Sizemore was available. "Bottom Feeder 2"? It just wouldn't be a rat monster movie without him.

SCORE: 2.5 out of 4 rat monsters

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