Sunday, December 21, 2008

"Super Ninja Doll" review

Super Ninja Doll (2007)

AKA Super Ninja Bikini Babes

Director: Fred Olen Ray
Writer: Cyrus Nickleby

Christine Nguyen... Eriko / Super Ninja Doll
Nicole Sheridan... Tantella
Beverly Lynne... Marsha
Voodoo... Jim (as Alexandre Boisvert)
Syren... Megan
Evan Stone... Gorath
Kitty... Yumi (as Kitty Katzu)

Two diabolical porn stars want to invade Earth so that they can have lots of sex. Super Ninja Doll to the rescue! A galactic storm is all the excuse they need to break into our dimension so that they can unleash their nefarious plans. Christine Nguyen is the hot schoolgirl, (wearing a short skirt and pigtails just in case we forget she's supposed to be a schoolgirl), who obsesses over her Super Ninja Doll comic book. The evildoers unleash their cosmic power upon her comic so that they can spring to life.

"Super Ninja Doll" tries to emulate a typical anime by having their main character look and act like a horny geek who loves sex and violence soaked comic books, (or manga if you want to get exact). Unfortunately these movies are on the soft side and couldn't possibly compare to a real anime. So then you're stuck with the usual Fred Olen Ray cast of characters going through the sex flick motions while taking post coital breaks acting as geeky as possible.

Nicole Sheridan's henchman, (Evan Stone), is dressed like a sex crazed lego hulk.He needs to recharge his galactic gonads by having sex with any available female. There are three sex scenes with the lego hulk and they're all ridiculously terrible. There's just something unappealing about watching a guy with lego's on his body dry humping women. Some men like to keep their boots on while going at it. Other guys just can't let go of their legos.

Another fetish in anime is to show off the Asian schoolgirls and their white panties. "Super Ninja Doll" doesn't disappoint in this area as we get to see Christine flash her industrial strength panties at us on numerous occasions.This panty obsession leads to one of the few good sex scenes as Christine and another schoolgirl have sex on some desks. There was a lot of kissing on the desks which we all know is the key to a good lesbian sex scene. I just wish Christine's friend, (Kitty), didn't have such a child's body, (no breasts at all), but I suppose that's exactly why she was picked.

While I can give "Super Ninja Doll" some points for trying to be creative, we all know that these movies come down to the sex scenes and this doll is defective. There are only two decent sex scenes in the movie. Besides Christine's party on the desks, there's a three way with her, Beverly Lynne and Beverly's boyfriend which is pretty good. All of the other sex scenes are lacking.

So if you really need to see a ninja doll do battle with lego wearing porn stars, you can probably catch it on late night cable. But if you're looking for a solid softcore flick, "Super Ninja Doll" can be skipped.

SCORE: 2 out of 4 bad ninja dolls


thebonebreaker said...

Okay then. . . :-)

the sneering (homo-phobic) snob said...

i like the shot of the gorgeous sexy young girl spanking the other gorgeous sexy young girl but it would have been better if she hadn`t been wearing her knickers.

Soiled Sinema said...

The cover art for this unnerves me.