Sunday, May 11, 2008

"Bit Parts" review

Bit Parts (2006)

Director: Dave Reda
Writer: Jon Rosenberg

Michelle Angel ... Maggie Cranston
Molly Fix ... Melissa Martin
Sarah Gordon ... Brenda Martin
Christopher Page ... Doctor Cranston
Dave Reda ... Bobby DuMont
Peter Redman ... Detective Tony Giallo
Sean Spence ... Phil
A madman is stalking the wannabe actresses of Hollywood. He’s holding phony auditions so that he can get women to show him their bit parts. He wants to cut off their most attractive features so that he can attach them to his hideously deformed daughter. When he sees an actress with a pair of lips that turn him on, he drags her back to his secret lair where he can perform fiendishly cheap operations. Somehow the deranged daughter and her new organ donor bond which puts a hold on the surgery. This buys the actress some time as her sister and a helpful cab driver try to find her before she goes under the knife.

The story of the sleazy guy in Hollywood luring naïve women to their doom is a tried and true formula. Not surprisingly, the producers of this film used the exact same tactic to get actresses to appear in this movie. The ladies thought they were going to be in a movie but instead ended up as body parts on the B-movie floor.

You’d think watching a madman hack off women’s limbs would be more entertaining. But “Bit Parts” is too cheap to really wholeheartedly embrace the concept of maniacal doctors at work. If there’s one thing “Frankenhooker” taught us, (and it has taught us a lot), is that when making a B-movie about lopping off parts of women, make sure you attach it to something sleazy. Watching the doctor’s daughter get excited about new boobies left me yawning. I didn’t want that brat to get new boobies. I didn’t want her to get anything her little whining heart desired. The doc should have stuffed her in the vat of acid and made a new daughter from scratch. That’s what good times are made of.

“Bit Parts” tries it’s best to be an entertaining B-flick but I couldn’t get into it. It’s too cheap to do the ripping and tearing it needs to. You might get into it if you’re looking for a light hearted take on female organ removal. As for me, I like my evil doctors to remove bit parts with maniacal glee, not psychotic fatherly love.

SCORE: 1.5 out of 4 female parts

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