Monday, April 23, 2007

"Pervert!" review

Pervert! (2005)

Director: Jonathan Yudis
Writer: Mike Davis

Mary Carey ... Cheryl
Sean Andrews ... James
Darrell Sandeen ... Hezekiah
Juliette Clarke ... Patty
Sally Jean ... Alisha
Jonathan Yudis ... Mechanic
Tula ... Hitchhiker
Candice Hussain ... Marissa

“Pervert!” tells the tale of a boy and his wandering schlong. He comes home for the summer to find his dad has shacked up with presidential porn star Mary Carey. She can’t resist his young, geeky ways and proceeds to jump his bones. Known fact: Women can’t resist geeks, especially porn star women. They’re putty in our hands. Tragedy strikes their relationship as she turns up missing after running afoul of dear old dad. From there the movie gets wacky as a hex comes back to haunt the geeky stud and has disastrous consequences for his budding love life.

“Pervert!” is one of those movies you’ll know whether you’ll like it or not in the first five minutes. It goes for low brow comedy and lots of topless women. That’s a winning combination in my book. It’s a movie dedicated to the spirit of Russ Meyer with plenty of buxom women and stupid men running wild in the desert.

You’ve got to hand it to Mary Carey. She might not be able to act to save her life but at least she looks like she’s having a good time. She gets topless through most of her scenes and I approved of every one of them. When she leaves the movie, other large breasted women roll in to take her place but Carey still reigns supreme over all of them.

So because the movie couldn’t just be about a geek having sex with Mary Carey, (but why not?!), they decide to throw in some black magic curse.


In order to get women to go crazy for him, our goober hero went to a witch doctor to get a stud spell cast on him. The side effect of his love potion is that his penis wants revenge against all of the women he’s done the no-pants dance with. Yes, his penis is detachable and very angry. When I saw the claymation penis attacking the woman in the bathtub, I can honestly say I was surprised by this perverted turn of events.


“Pervert!” has some funny scenes and plenty of topless women. I laughed a couple of times. If you’re in the mood for a goofy, bloody love letter to Russ Meyer, “Pervert!” is worth a look.

SCORE: 2.5 out of 4 corn loving Careys

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Anonymous said...

I initially thought this was a rip-off of the Ron Jeremy Horror comedy "One Eyed Monster" but it was released before that.