Saturday, April 07, 2007

"Feed" review

Feed (2005)

Director: Brett Leonard
Writers: Kieran Galvin Alex O'Loughlin

Alex O'Loughlin ... Michael Carter
Patrick Thompson ... Phillip Jackson
Gabby Millgate ... Deidre
Jack Thompson ... Richard
Rose Ashton ... Abbey
Matthew Le Nvez ....Nigel

“Feed” is a love letter to gluttony and kink. It’s one of those movies that tries to condemn the perversions of its characters but ends up reveling in them. Of course what it’s really reveling in is its ability to shock its jaded horror audience with something they’ve probably never seen before. “Feed” mixes in perverted websites and psychotic mommy fixations to make a hilariously disturbing flick.

A cop in Australia is surfing the internet to try to find some sickos. He comes across a website that has a guy feeding a woman. When I say feeding, I mean stuffing food down her throat until she becomes a giant disgusting blob. The website is taking bets as to when these women are going to croak. For some reason, the cop decides it’s his duty to fly to the U.S. and save the fat women from exploding from too many cheeseburgers. The rest of the movie has the cop and his weirdo nemesis playing mind games with each other while the house of a woman keeps eating. Feed her.

I always like movies that try to shock you with how sick the world really is. “Feed” delivers some sick thrills. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to hear that oldies song “Cherish” again without thinking of this movie. “Feed” touches on a new type of internet perversion for those of us who are ignorant of the more extreme sides of humiliation and domination. Is it a crime to feed someone? What if they want it? How do we get so twisted that we even come up with things like this? These and other questions won’t be answered by watching “Feed” but you will get a peek at the madness that binds two sick people together.

Although I enjoyed “Feed” for it’s commitment in making a sick flick, I don’t see many horror fans getting into it. While there are certainly some horror elements to it, it’s not really a horror flick. It’s more of an attempt to gross you out with it’s obscenely fat bodies and warped sexual fantasies. But I enjoyed “Feed” for the uniquely disgusting experience that it was. “Feed” also has a sick sense of humor about its perverts which is its saving grace. If it tried to play this subject matter straight, it probably would have been a very uncomfortable experience to sit through. As it is, it’s only slightly uncomfortable. Well, slightly uncomfortable for guys like me that is.

One last thought. Fast food burgers are the love potion of choice for the “Feeder”, (guy who stuffs food into the fat woman’s mouth), and the “Gainer”, (immensely huge woman bobsledding her way to an early grave). After seeing the cheeseburgers prepared in this movie, I can’t wait to hit the In and Out burger. Or maybe Fat Burger. I’m not as hungry as big bad mama was, but I could go for a double double. Animal style of course.

SCORE: 3 out of 4 love burgers
Feed the women. Keep them happy.
Oh yeah baby. Extra sauce. You know what I like.
More, more, more!

Dang I'm hungry. Feed me.


Ronald_McMurder said...

the title of this flick reminded me of "feast". i'm sure you've seen feast. i was wondering if you've ever reviewed it.

Dr. Gore ( said...

I have reviewed "Feast". I liked it. Solid monster flick.

Anonymous said...

I thought this movie was way beyond gross. I'm sad that I will never get those couple of hours back.

Anonymous said...

worest movie i every saw is has distuiting and thst isnt what a director want to get out of their viewers it was a remeberable movie but a bad memorey