Thursday, September 05, 2013

Whatever happened to Julian Wells?

Oh sweet Julian. How I miss you.
Did you find happiness with Misty Mundae?


teddy crescendo said...

Tasty birds.

jimmie t. murakami said...

Dr. Gore, i like looking at gorgeous naked birds as much as anyone but dont you think its about time you started reveiwing some classic cult horror movies again ! ?.

Dr. Gore said...

A fair point.

Although if you look at the stats on my blog, it's amazing how much more traffic the softcore reviews get from the horror reviews.

For example, today's winner is "Busty Cops vs Lusty Cheerleaders" with a whopping 13 views. The US wins with 218 views in total, Indonesia had 9 views and Russia even had five views. When searching for naked cinema, Google leads them here.

But to your point, I think the blood and guts is being under represented here. The balance may have to shift. Unless a Julie Smith movie comes out.

Anonymous said...

Change her name to Suzy McCoppin and is now a regular on 7 LIVES EXPOSED on Playboy tv.

Dr. Gore said...

Thanks for the info.