Saturday, December 01, 2007

"Evil Aliens" review

Evil Aliens (2005)

Director: Jake West
Writer: Jake West

Emily Booth ... Michelle Fox
Sam Butler ... Ricky Anderson (as Samuel Butler)
Tree Carr ... Dream Alien
Jennifer Evans ... Cat
Jamie Honeybourne ... Gavin Gorman
Scott Joseph ... Principal Alien
Norman Lovett ... Howard Marsden
Peter O'Connor ... Jack Campbell (as Peter McNeil O'Connor)
Jodie Shaw ... Candy Vixen

Aliens have been spotted in the U.K. and they’re evil. Emily Booth takes her film crew into the backwoods of England to film a reenactment of an alien abduction. Their cynical attitude toward extraterrestrial life is shattered when evil E.T.’s show up to anal probe them to death. The crew must band together to vanquish the bloodthirsty aliens in their midst. “Evil Aliens” is a great movie. Any B-movie freak will get into it. It was made for the horror movie faithful. How I’ve longed to see a fun B-movie with copious amounts of blood, guts and lowbrow humor. “Evil Aliens” takes a page, (or two or three or four), from the “Dead Alive” playbook. The blood starts splattering when the aliens run into their prey. All of the carnage is done for laughs and there is plenty of both to be found in “Evil Aliens”.

And who does the team turn to when they need help understanding the aliens? That’s right. The almighty geek. This is why you need geeks around. They are the ones who can tell you how to handle unknown life forms from outer space. The best scene in the movie has the geek being held captive in the space ship when a very flexible female alien starts to straddle him. He looks up and pleads for her to be gentle with him. She proceeds to put him through the alien copulation machine. His attempt at bringing two species closer together was some fine diplomacy. This scene cracked me up. I had to rewind and watch it a couple of times.

“Evil Aliens” is a fun B-movie. I had a blast watching it. If you want aliens, blood, lots of laughs and a heroic geek to the rescue, this is the perfect Saturday night flick for what ails you.

SCORE: 3.5 out of 4 for evil alien splatter


the sneering (homo-phobic) snob said...

emily booth drives me wild, (even though at age 32 she is now, by definition, 14 years past the peak of her physical attractiveness and desirability), i`m not kiddin` dr. gore when that bird was 18 she was arguably one of the greatest masturbation aids of all time, right up there with pauline hickey and patti hammond. But what about the film i hear you ask, well i cant really comment `cos i ain`t seen it.

Dr. Gore ( said...

Emily Booth was a sight to see. I'm just sad I never saw her when she was 18. I'll have to look to see what's out there so I can get all the Booth for my buck. Don't know about the other two you mention. There's some more to look into. Oh and the movie, it was pretty good. Not much in the way of masturbation aids unless you're into female aliens getting it on.

the sneering (homo-phobic) snob said...

dr. gore, if you go to the main googol search engine and put in "pauline hickey fan page" you will find dozens of pictures of what i think is possibly the most gorgeous incredible bird i have ever seen, i know, why bother when there are millions of graphic sexual images available at the touch of a button, well i would agree, but just wait till you see pauline hickey she was so astonishing, and age wise there is no problem such as the one you experienced with miss booth because all the pictures of pauline hickey on that site were taken between 1985 and 1991 from when she was 17 to 23 at the absolute pinnacle and peak of her astounding beauty, you will not be disappointed believe me, now, with regards to patti hammond, well images of her might be more difficult to find, she used to dance with "legs and co" on "top of the pops" on british t.v. in the 70`s and although she was a flat chested bitch the rest of her was quite unbeleivable, (she`s not much upstair`s, but what a staircase!!!, as they say), her face, maybe the most beautiful face i`ve ever seen, no kiddin`, maybe you could begin with clips on youtube but it wont be easy, but anyway like i said the pauline hickey pictures are a guarantee.

Dr. Gore ( said...

Thanks for the tips. I think Pauline needs to be found. I ran a quick search and enjoyed the results. Patti will be found as well although I like women with a good sizable upstairs area. Staircases are good but they should lead somewhere.

Anonymous said...

This movie gave me such a hard on!
It was so much fun. We need more movies like this an less movies like Resident Evil 3.