Sunday, August 05, 2007

"Sexual Suspects" review

Sexual Suspects (2005)

Director: Edward J. Kerry
Writer: L. Douglas Zajec

Jessica Jaymes ... Kate
Shyla ... Sierra (as Amanda Auclair)
Taimie Hannum ... Madison
Joe Souza ... Jack
Danny Pape ... Paul Dance
Kevin Harvilla ... Chase
Slim Shady ... Logan (as Dez)

I was given this DVD screener. “Sexual Suspects” is about a bunch of horny thieves on the run. They have stolen a bag of gold coins and need to put them in a safe until the coast is clear. In order for the thieves not to stress out about the bad guys gunning for them, they embark on a strict regimen of sex to keep their minds at ease. There are six sexual suspects stuck at the cabin and they will all get a chance to help each other unwind.In the first five seconds of “Sexual Suspects”, Amanda Auclair gets topless and proceeds to give head to a lucky guy driving a Jaguar. Amanda’s breasts are an amazing sight to behold. So within seconds, this movie has caught my interest. “Sexual Suspects” does not waste time in making it very clear what kind of entertainment it has to offer. Taimie Hannum shows up, has sex a couple of times and looks good doing it. One time has her on a table with the safe next to her while she yells out a famous line from “Marathon Man”. Taimie likes her Olivier.

Jessica Jaymes is the last of the female sexual suspects and looks amazing. There’s a great scene where she blows off Amanda’s advances but then realizes what a mistake she’s made and proceeds to play with herself. The camera goes back and forth between her and Amanda who is also playing with herself. These kinds of scenes usually don’t work for me but this time it hit. The music that was playing coupled with two beautiful women longing for each other made it happen.

“Sexual Suspects” goes through the motions of the B-softcore formula to deliver a reasonable enough way to spend your late night. Its tone is a little too serious to truly enjoy it but with their three hot suspects getting naked on a regular basis, there are plenty of sex scenes to keep you up at night.

SCORE: 2 out of 4 very sexual suspects

Amanda Auclair and Taimie Hannum. The "Call Girl Wives" combo is powerful.

Jessica Jaymes takes it over the top. Wow.


robdread said...

Any idea when this DVD will be out?

Dr. Gore ( said...

Don't know when the DVD is coming out. It's on cable quite a bit so you could probably make a copy fairly easily.

The Odyssey said...

i can't seem to find this movie anywhere. Is it softcore?

Dr. Gore ( said...

It's softcore. It's on late night cable channels. I don't think it's on DVD.

The Odyssey said...

Well i'm not from the US, so would it be possible that if you were to copy it, upload it online?

Dr. Gore ( said...

Sorry, but I can't get the Suspects to download. They're just too sexual.

The Odyssey said...

I've found the DVD here:

Dr. Gore ( said...

Nice work. The Suspects are ready to be seen.

Michael Whiteacre said...

I produced this, but did not direct, exactly one month after "Call Girl Wives." At the point where we began pre-production, I hadn't yet even seen the footage from CGW, and couldn't even be certain that it would cut. So, when my friend, who had directed many erotic shows for TV, offered to come up with half the budget and to direct, I was relieved. What I knew, in my soul, was that Amanda & Taimie were a winning combination, and that my new friend Jessica Jaymes was unbelievably hot and willing to go all out for me. So, I stood aside and this was the result. It's an ok movie. It's not the movie I would have made, but I almost certainly would not have been able to get my version shot within the time alotted. Some of the music was used in CGW, much of it having been borrowed from this movie's director. Other music I wrote, either for this or for CGW, and it was I who matched the music to the individual scenes, as I had done with CGW. This movie had more plot and more dialogue, and fewer "atmospheric" shots requiring mood music. Dez was a replacement for Scott Styles, who had appeared in CGW. Scott showed up on set with his face badly burned from snowboarding without sunblock (according to him; I wasn't there). Holly Hollywood was also a last minute desperation choice. It's not that she was bad in it, but her attitude sucked. She was booked for a certain amount of time, but when she showed up on set she could only stay for a few hours, necessitating a shuffling of scenes to accomodate her. She can kiss my ass twice. The movie was shot out in Sylmar. The backyard and adjoining property is where I would shoot my portion of "Alabama Jones and the Busty Crusade" a few months later! The house was "cozy" and I would have played up the building claustrophobia as the movie went on, which would have been simple since we shot largely in sequence, but there's only one director on a set, and it wasn't me. My contribution to the shoot (other than casting, and the loan of my Jag) was to shoot the arrival by truck, and walk-up, of the deputy character. I didn't think that much about or of it at the time, but when I gave the editor the footage to capture, I told him I had directed one sequence and asked if he could pick it out (he had worked on the set of CGW). This was a two camera shoot with more than twice as much raw footage as CGW, but he hit it right on the head.

Dr. Gore ( said...

Jessica Jaymes is a beautiful woman and a very welcome addition to the movie. We all know the carnal pleasures Taimie and Amanda can conjure up and it's always great to see the Wives back together.

As a sex flick, "Sexual Suspects" is decent. It's just not as much fun as it should be. I always like softcore flicks to keep things light in between the sex scenes. Once you get into murder and mayhem, it feels like it should be in another movie.

It's probably safe to say we won't be seeing Holly Hollywood in another Whiteacre flick. But if you're looking for other sexual suspects (albeit of the MILF variety), may I suggest British porn starlets Danica or Alexis Silver. Round up the usual suspects.

Michael Whiteacre said...

Yeah, Jessica stole the show here. As for your casting suggestions, I'm sure those ladies are fine, but unfortunately I have no shortage of cougar contenders. I'm always on the lookout for reliable ingenues, less so grand dames.

hollywoodshack said...

It's Sexy Suspects. Find it on xvideos.