Sunday, December 18, 2011

"A Serbian Film" review

A Serbian Film (2010)

Srdjan Todorovic ... Milos (as Srdan Todorovic)
Sergej Trifunovic ... Vukmir
Jelena Gavrilovic ... Marija
Slobodan Bestic ... Marko
Katarina Zutic ... Lejla

Milos has gotten out of the porn game. He's banged so many Serbian chicks his genitalia is in the Serbian sleaze hall of fame. But Milos doesn't have many other talents besides enthusiastic rutting so the porn world cries out for his return. His new sponsor is a big fan of Milos fornicating skills so he recruits him into making some high end porn for private collectors. What else can a horny Serbian do but say yes? The director wants the movie to be spontaneous in order to capture how Milos reacts to various warped and kinky situations. His first movie starts off in an abandoned orphanage and the kink kicks in from there. As the extent of his extreme exploitation and degradation reveals itself to Milos, he descends into Serbian porn madness.

"A Serbian Film" is designed to outrage. It is filled with scenes of sexual violence as only Serbia can deliver. Actually I'm not sure what being Serbian has to do with this movie other than it being a clever marketing gimmick. It may be trying to say that the country has gotten so depressed that it has to resort to extreme measures to make ends meet. But I seriously doubt the filmmakers care about the conditions in Serbia as far as their exploitation movie is concerned. It's more like a calling card for the director so the filmmaking world knows where to find him.

And it's a good calling card because "A Serbian Film" is an excellent exploitation movie. I was pleasantly surprised by the filmmaking quality of this nasty flick. Milos should know better than to agree to some weirdos porn fetish demands but the director knows what his customers want to see. So do the filmmakers as "A Serbian Film" shows how easily horror movies can have mass appeal across different countries.

Well, actually "A Serbian Film" will only appeal to horror fans and even then it would only be of interest to those who enjoy the more extreme type of horror. Milos starts down the path of destruction with some light S&M but eventually moves on to more bizarre forms of porn. Incest, snuff, rape and every other underground genre of porn is shown as Milos mind warps beyond repair.

"A Serbian Film" is a wild ride into the depths of porno hell. I had a lot of fun watching Milos bang his way to oblivion. While this movie won't appeal to everyone, it's definitely worth a look for horror fans looking for a new nasty thrill.

SCORE: 3 out of 4 Serbian sleazes


eddie lydecker said...

Was the version that you saw completely uncut ?.

Dr. Gore said...

Yes, uncut version.

willy jerk-off said...

Doc, it seems you returned but only temporarily, no reveiws for over 3 weeks again, i expect to see a new reveiw on here at least every 3 days, preferably of films featuring oodles of gorgeous sexy young girls with massive knockers (all Pauline Hickey lookalikes, as it were). Hey Doc, you said you were going to post your favorite pictures of Pauline on this site (as the bird was in 1985 when the bird was 17), why not do that now ! ?, between reveiws, that would be ideal, cheers my old mate. Its just that, like i`ve said before, i dont think i`ve ever seen a more desirable bird in my life than Pauline Hickey at the age of 17, thats why i`d really like to see if your favorite pictures of her are the same as mine.

Dr. Gore said...

Been seeing a lot of mainstream flicks lately which really don't fit into the theme of the blog. But here's some mini reviews:

MI Ghost Protocol: I liked it. The scene in Dubai was fairly amazing. Also makes me excited to play "Spec Ops: the Line"

Sherlock Holmes: I liked this one too. Not as good as the first but entertaining.

Girl with the Dragon Tattoo: Pretty good. Loved the actress who played Lisbeth. But I saw the original so there weren't many surprises for me.

Darkest Hour: I was in the mood for a B-movie in the theater and this one delivered. Moscow, aliens, running, screaming exploding. It had it all.

otis rampaging heterosexuality said...

Its interesting that of those four movies "The Darkest Hour" is the one that will probably go on to become "the cult classic" long after the other three have faded into relative obscurity, even though its done easily the least of the four at the box-office.

jervaise brooke hamster said...

Doc, just with regards to "Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol": Simon Pegg is a worthless pile of dog-shit simply because he is British.