Friday, March 25, 2011

"Obsession: A Taste for Fear" review

Obsession: A Taste for Fear (1988)
AKA Un sapore di paura

Director: Piccio Raffanini
Writers: Jacques Goyard Piccio Raffanini

Virginia Hey ... Diane
GĂ©rard Darmon ... Georges
Gioia Scola ... Valerie
Dario Parisini ... Lt. Arnold
Carin McDonald ... Kim
Teagan Clive ... Teagan Morrison
Eva Grimaldi ... Pearl

Yet another rental from my terrible local video store. I wanted to check this one out because I had heard that it had the woman from "The Road Warrior" in it, (Virginia Hey). I'm a simple man seeking simple pleasures. It doesn't take much to excite me.

The title of the movie is "Obsession: A Taste for Fear". It's sold as a typical softcore sex thriller. Nothing in the title or on the video box would lead you to any other conclusion. So the movie is humming along, doing what softcore movies do, when all of a sudden something unexpected happens. Somebody fires a laser gun! What the heck? Who said this movie was set in the future? Who? What? Huh?!

After that, the movie derailed on me as I sat there imagining the producers having an imbecilic brainstorming session..."We need something unique here. Anybody can film two people having sex. The sex is still good mind you but we need a hook. Something flashy...I got it! Wait till you hear this! How about a laser gun?! YES! The audience will love it! Nothing sells a sex thriller better than laser guns."

Actually, nothing flushes a softcore movie down the toilet faster than laser guns. As for the plot, it had something to do with Virginia and her obsessions. She's a photographer who takes a lot of sleazy pictures. Her models are getting killed and the killer keeps firing laser cannons at her. There's also a female body builder and a lot of outrageous 80's fashion catastrophes. There are a few decent sex scenes but they always end up getting interrupted by laser blasts.

Did I mention there is a laser attack in this softcore movie? I suppose "Obsession: A Taste for Fear" was trying to be a unique addition to the giallo genre. It's not everyday you see random laser guns in these movies. It's so unique I never want to see or think of this movie again. Although I did enjoy seeing Virginia Hey get a taste for fear. She made the movie slightly bearable. Not much so but she did her best. Yes Virginia, there is a laser gun.

SCORE: 1.5 out of 4 laser dodging road warriors


steve prefontaine said...

Virginia Hey was a hot chick back in `81 and "The Road Warrior" is still one of the best films of its kind ever made, even 30 years on.

Mr. Xploit, Esquire said...

i'm fucking obsessed with these kinda hot chick bad ass movies from the late 80s early 90s. They are hard to find though since VHS became obsolete.

Dr. Gore said...

And this was a VHS rental. From a very shady video store. You have to look hard for this one.