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"Girl with the Sex-Ray Eyes" review

Girl with the Sex-Ray Eyes

Director: Fred Olen Ray
Writer: Fred Olen Ray

Nicole Sheridan ... Taffy
Brad Bartram ... Agent Richardson
Voodoo ... Eddie (as Alexandre Boisvert)
Shannon Kelly ... Mao Myx
Evan Stone ... Vargas
Daisy ... Massage Girl (as Daisy Marie)
Christine Nguyen ... Kelly

Secret government X-ray glasses have fallen into the hands of a stripper. Nicole Sheridan and her moronic boyfriend see a potential gold mine with their new found treasure. While a government agent hunts them down, they hit the road to Vegas so that they can have sex with Christine Nguyen. But secret X-Ray glasses are too powerful to leave in the hands of strippers so a large breasted woman, (Shannon Kelly), steals them back. Even with all of the nefarious wheeling and dealing going on, Shannon still finds time to have sex with her male and female assistants. It's good to see that she has a healthy work/life balance. It all ends in a goofy scene with a fake Sheik, Sheridan in her "Erotic Dreams of Jeannie" outfit and a fight sequence to rival the best Hollywood action scenes.

"Girl with the Sex-Ray Eyes" is yet another Fred Olen Ray softcore flick. You have to give the guy some credit for his prolific output. The Cinemax machine is hungry and he feeds it regularly. Besides his usual cast, (Sheridan, Nguyen, the guys), he's added three adult film stars. Demi Delia, Shannon Kelly and Daisy Marie all show up to add a little variety to the softcore action. It's always nice to see some new faces. And new bodies.

As for the new cast members, Delia's two sex scenes didn't do much for me. She starts the movie off banging the government agent for some X-ray payoff money. Her second sex scene has her in prison with a goofy goggle-wearing guy. Both were fair scenes but they didn't thrill me. Shannon Kelly has a sex scene with the same goggle-wearing goofball that falls flat. Maybe Ray should refrain from showing sex scenes with guys wearing eye protection. It's a distraction from the ladies.

But Shannon's last sex scene is the obvious winner. She unwinds with her masseuse after a rubdown. Daisy Marie has one line in the movie, "Can you turn over for me please?" Once you hear that line, you'll know that you're heading towards a great lesbian sex scene. What makes a lesbian sex scene great you ask? Lots of tongue and nipple play. This is the essence of softcore lesbian sex. After an abundance of breast licking, it all leads to the most mysterious of lesbian activity. The tribbing! I love to see that. Man wasn't meant to know what that does for ladies but we know that they like it. Although someone once described the sensation for me. Two words: Suction cups. That's all I'll say.

There's another good sex scene between Nicole Sheridan and Christine Nguyen. Christine also has a breast fetish, (like me), and I enjoy seeing her jump at the chance to play with Nicole's twins. Overall, "Girl with the Sex-Ray Eyes" is a standard Fred Olen Ray flick with a really good lesbian scene at the end. The plot is unimportant, the jokes are terrible, but the sex scenes save the day once again. If it's on cable one night, (and it will be), it's worth a look.

SCORE: 2.5 out of 4 full body massages

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