Thursday, January 06, 2011

"Mutants" review

Mutants (2009)

Director: David Morlet
Writers: Louis-Paul Desanges David Morlet

Hélène de Fougerolles ... Sonia
Francis Renaud ... Marco
Dida Diafat ... Virgile (as Dida)
Marie-Sohna Conde ... Perez (as Marie-Sohna Condé)
Nicolas Briançon ... Franck
Luz Mandon ... Dany (as Luz Mando)

A virus has been unleashed and it's turning people into mutants. A couple makes their escape over snow covered mountains to an abandoned building. They hope to get picked up by a nearby army base that may have a cure for the zombie pandemic. The woman is unaffected by the virus while her boyfriend is slowly rotting away into a mutant. She tries desperately to halt the decaying of her companion. Trouble shows up when a gang of thugs follows the couple's distress call to their hiding spot. The gang also manages to attract a roving horde of zombies which further complicates the woman's attempt to control her foaming at the mouth lover.

"Mutants" is a French zombie movie that was spawned from the success of "28 Days Later". It doesn't take 28 days to become a zombie but we do get to watch the evolution of zombie transformation. "Mutants" starts off at a fast pace as an ambulance is speeding down the road trying to contain the zombie that has manifested itself inside the car. Eventually, they run into more zombies which leaves the paramedic's boyfriend infected. Once they make their way to the abandoned building, the movie slows down as love tries to conquer all by coming up with a cure for mutation.

It was at this point that I thought the movie was going to lose me. As the body horror progressed, so did the woman's love for her ailing man. But since this is a horror movie, love is never enough to stop the madness. The mutation continues as the group of thugs shows up with their zombie horde right behind them. Violence wins out again as thugs and zombies meet for the gory finale. This seems inevitable as all zombie movies need a raging horde of the undead to rampage over people eventually. One zombie is just not enough.

"Mutants" is a fast paced zombie flick that has some good gory moments and a few intense action scenes. It also shows us that people in love can go to extremes for each other. I certainly hope that if I'm ever infected with a zombie virus, I have a nurse like her to help me get through it. Although it didn't work out for the guy, at least she tried to stop her lover from becoming a decaying carcass. "Mutants" is worth a look.

SCORE: 3 out of 4 mutant boyfriends

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