Sunday, July 12, 2009

"The Stay Awake" review

The Stay Awake (1987)

Director: John Bernard
Writer: John Bernard

I bought this video for five bucks. A serial killer gets executed and vows to return from the dead so that he can inflict horrible damage in a B-movie. A few years later a bunch of girls are having a sleep-over at a Catholic school which excites the killer out of his grave. He resurrects himself just so he can break up their stay awake party. I'm not sure how he manages to come back from the dead or why he decides to carry out his revenge on a girl's school. But when faced with incredibly complex movie conundrums like these, I can only respond one way. Ahh, who cares?

It could have been great. Well, at least good. Decent perhaps? A demon attacks a girls sleep-over at their school. Good Lord man! That's a great B-movie setup. So many avenues to exploit. This movie fails miserably.

What happened? Who was in charge? How can you possibly make a slumber party/demon attack movie and not put in any nudity whatsoever? A movie sin has been committed. I was really offended. It just doesn't make sense. Why not use the assets you've got to make the movie somewhat enjoyable? Where are the ethics?

Even the kills by the demon were lame. There's no blood and no naked women running for their lives from the cheap demon. There is nothing good to say about "The Stay Awake". This movie reeks. I bashed it with a hammer after it was over. My five bucks were gone and I was bitter.


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