Sunday, April 20, 2008

"Zombie Strippers" review

Zombie Strippers (2008)

Director: Jay Lee
Writer: Jay Lee

Robert Englund... Ian Essko
Jenna Jameson... Kat
Roxy Saint... Lillith
Joey Medina ... Paco
Shamron Moore ... Jeannie
Penny Drake ... Sox
Jennifer Holland ... Jessy
John Hawkes ... Davis
Jeannette Sousa ... Berengé
Whitney Anderson ... Gaia
Carmit Levité ... Madame Blavatski
I saw “Zombie Strippers” at the Nuart. I would have thought less of myself if I had passed up an opportunity to see a film called “Zombie Strippers” in the theaters. I also got a free Jenna Jameson comic book out of the deal. It came with the ticket. Could life get any sweeter?! I grabbed my candy and soda and made my way to the front. I had to see the zombie stripping up close.

So a zombie virus escapes a government lab. An infected soldier from the zombie hit squad runs for cover in a strip club. Of course he does. When he sees Jenna Jameson stripping, it drives him wild for her flesh. He proceeds to eat a good chunk of her. This turns out OK for Jenna as being dead increases her stripping skills. Soon the other girls get jealous of all the attention undead Jenna is getting and decide they want to join the zombie gravy train. But zombie strippers need to eat and the downside to ghoulish stripping becomes apparent as a room full of customers becomes a room full of mindless zombies. More blood, breasts and zombie chaos follow.

Jenna Jameson is a master hair flipper. She is right up there with Nikki Fritz in the hair flipper Hall of Fame. And stripping? Jenna Jameson is a world class stripper. Jenna pounces on stage after getting a zombie bite to show the club how the undead can dance. If you don’t get turned on by seeing Jenna Jameson strip while blood runs over her body, you don’t like B-movies. This scene was the highlight of the movie. Jenna Jameson’s undead strip tease was a sublime B-movie moment. I was entranced.

“Zombie Strippers” is a fun B-movie. A complaint I often make about these movies is that the filmmakers don’t put enough effort into it to make it fun or sometimes even worth sitting through. “Zombie Strippers” does not have that problem. The filmmakers took great care in making sure fans will enjoy it. Robert Englund did a good job as the sleazy club owner and the guy who played the janitor had me laughing. His scene naming his bullets for his last stand was hilarious.

“Zombie Strippers” is packed full of B-movie goodness. It had naked breasts, undead breasts, Goth breasts, redhead breasts and some more naked breasts. There’s also blood, guts, exploding heads, and zombie stripper catfights. This movie has it all! I was very pleased. Go see some dead strippers!
SCORE: 3.5 out of 4 Jennas

Jenna's main zombie stripper rival. As you can see, the movie was amazing.


Ghidorah said...

You've seen Zombie Strippers already!

Man I so jealous you can't believe it!

This movie will probably never show up in Montreal. I will have to wait for a DVD...

That's not fair. I hate you!

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sousafan said...

i watched this show for jeannette sousa but she showed nothing other than some cleavage in a pink outfit. then they randomly kill her in the end. all the stripping at the start was well and good but what they did with her character just made it crap for me.

Dr. Gore ( said...

Jeannette Sousa you say? Was she the stripper who was having an existential crisis? I remember a brunette who was always pouting. I can't remember how they killed her off. What else has she been in that makes you a sousafan?

the sneering (homo-phobic) snob said...

i`ve always dreamt of seeing a film like this, one that combines lots of gorgeous sexy nude birds and superb gore effects, and i agree that for most of its running time its a blast, sort of george a. romero meets lots of gorgeous sexy nude birds, wait a minute, when i think about in those terms "zombie strippers" is better than a blast, its total perfection !!!. And i was just thinking, in the entire history of stripping in the movies there are 2 scenes that never fail to drive me wild, (even though neither of them are very graphic, in fact by todays standards they are laughably tame), the first is the scene towards the end of robert altmans ludicrously over-rated pile of unwatchable celluloid garbage "nashville" where the bird has to reluctantly strip instead of singing, and the other scene is from the 1967 film "hotel" where karl malden is is the strip club waiting to get a hotel door key off of a gorgeous sexy bird, and in the background that unbeleivable stunning incredible dream come true "angelique pettyjohn", (why did her surname have to be ruined by having the name "john" in it), is doing her routine, and although she dosen`t get that many close ups i still think its the greatest stripping moment in the history of cinema, (astonishing as that may seem), and by the way, the bird with the key was pretty breathtaking as well. I was just wondering, (knowing how much you like strippers), whether you were familiar with either of those scenes.

Dr. Gore ( said...

You've stumped me again. I've never seen "Nashville" but always wanted to check it out. And I've never even heard of "Hotel" before. But with Angelique Pettyjohn I'm sure the scene must have been good.

But for quality stripping, I would recommend "Midnight Tease" and "Midnight Tease II". These are pure strippng movies. They strip, there's some ludicrous story line and then some more stripping. There's a treasure trove of fine stripping in those movies. Not as entertaining as "Zombie Strippers" but a decent rental for sure.