Saturday, March 29, 2008

"The Lost" review

The Lost (2005)

Director: Chris Sivertson
Writers: Jack Ketchum Chris Sivertson
Genre:Drama / Horror more

Marc Senter ... Ray Pye
Shay Astar ... Jennifer Fitch
Alex Frost ... Tim Bess
Megan Henning ... Sally Richmond
Robin Sydney ... Katherine Wallace
Michael Bowen ... Detective Charlie Schilling
Ed Lauter ... Ed Anderson
Dee Wallace ... Barbara Hanlon (as Dee Wallace-Stone)
Erin Brown ... Lisa Steiner
Ruby Larocca ... Elise Hanlon
One of the first images in “The Lost” has a pair of feet trudging along a dirt path to an outhouse while “I’m the Pied Piper” plays on the soundtrack. When Ray Pye reaches the door of the outhouse, a naked woman steps out and stops the music. She once was lost but now she’s found. It’s her. My God, she’s everywhere. I can’t escape. It’s no use. She’s in every single B-movie. Yes, I’m talking about Misty Mundae. Back again and naked. Of course she is.

So Ray “Pied Piper” Pye spots a naked Mundae and another Seduction Cinema babe down at a campsite. He decides to blast some lesbians for fun. His friends insist that he doesn’t know whether they’re lesbians or not but Pye has probably seen enough late night Cinemax to know what he’s talking about. Pye shows his contempt for Mundae and friend by using them for target practice. His friends fall into line as the Pied Piper tells them everything will be just fine as long as they listen to him. Ray leads the Lost out of the woods and into a life filled with drugs, sleazy sex and rapidly disintegrating morality.

“The Lost” is based on the story of Charles Schmid, “The Pied Piper of Tucson”. Most of Ray Pye’s freaky eccentricities are lifted straight from Schmid. The makeup, the fake mole and especially the crushed cans in the boot to make himself seem taller all come from Schmid. The enduring mystery of Schmid/Pye is why are people attracted to this obvious loser? Why do these lost souls follow the pied piper down a path of destruction? In a boring town, Pye is the most exciting thing going on. Well, at least he thinks he is and acts the part of a cool guy so his friends will stick around. As the truth about himself slowly reveals itself to Pye, (that he is in fact a loser), Pye flips out and wants to send everyone he knows to their bloody death.

“The Lost” is a pretty good flick. I enjoyed it. “The Lost” takes a while to get going but eventually delivers at the end. There is a lot of build-up between the first murders and Ray Pye’s eventual transformation into a raving psychopath. Ray tries to grab onto whatever is left of his humanity but any normal woman will see right through his deceit. “The Lost” paints a sick portrait of a budding psycho. It’s worth a look.

SCORE: 3 out of 4 Pied Pipers


Anonymous said...

Outstanding review Dr Gore!

Dr. Gore ( said...


the sneering (homo-phobic) snob said...

although this film was very good i still spent the entire film thinking about misty`s arse, as she walked away from the camera her arse was truly ass-tounding in its magnificence, her twat and tits were great too, but when i saw her arse i think i would`ve given a lottery win to bugger her for an hour, (or preferably a year uninterupted), that silly bastard must`ve been the biggest tosser of all time, imagine shooting a chick like that when he could`ve been shoving his knob up her lushious bum, to a certain extent i kinda` lost interest in the film after that because i could not believe a geezer could be that stupid.

Dr. Gore ( said...

So you could say that you were actually "The Lost" after Mundae got used for target practice. His disdain for lesbians was strange but that's why he is truly a lost soul. Although I have to say that Mundae doesn't do it for me like she does for you. Don't want to see her get filled with lead but I don't pine for her body either.

the sneering (homo-phobic) snob said...

dr. gore, i must repeat that i think misty`s arse is amongst the most impressive i`ve ever seen, (perhaps even in the top 5 of all time), she is one of the great anal fantasy`s, and something else that amazed me was finding out that when this film was shot she was 25, already 7 years past the peak of her physical attractiveness and desirability, when she was 18 her arse might have been the greatest of all time.