Saturday, June 30, 2007

"Sex Hex" review

Sex Hex (2007)

Director: George Freeway
Writer: George Freeway

Sabrina Faire
Jackie Stevens
Sativa Verte
Molly Heartbreaker
Darian Caine
A.J. Khan

A succubus has put a sex hex on a cheap looking office. Apparently the office is populated by lesbians who only needed a little Sapphic push from a horny servant of Satan. Some dork is investigating the mysterious shenanigans but he just distracts from the all-girl action. Will A.J. Khan and Darian Caine give in to their forbidden desires and fall under Sabrina Faire’s lesbian sex hexing? As if you didn’t know…

“Sex Hex” was directed by “George Freeway”. I feel safe in saying that this name is bogus and that “Sex Hex” was made by the same players who gave us “Kinky Kong”. The same terrible lighting technique is used here for the ladies. Whenever the sex scene starts ramping up, the girls are lit up so that you can see them from outer space. Once again, this disastrous filmmaking choice ruins most of the movie.

It’s important in softcore flicks to try to make the sex scenes believable. We know the performers are not actually having sex but we like to believe that they are. These scenes don’t need any extra lighting, music, editing or anything else that takes the viewer’s horny mind off of the image of two, (or three), women licking and kissing each other.

So “Sex Hex” was pretty much a dud for me. You wouldn’t think cheap lesbian sex flicks could get overproduced but then “Sex Hex” and “Kinky Kong” come along to prove otherwise. “Sex Hex” can be skipped.

One last thought, there was one good thing about “Sex Hex” and that one good thing was A.J. Khan. I don’t think I can praise her enough for her dedication to the Sapphic arts. She has one decent sex scene with Darian Caine near the beginning of the movie. Not only does A.J. have a great body, she always knows what to do with the other female she’s with. A.J is always energetic and gives it her best in each sex scene. She was the reason I watched this movie. Now if we could only get her to star in her own Emmanuelle movies. A.J. Khan…Queen of the galaxy…

SCORE: 1.5 out of 4 sex hexing Khans

Yeah, I've been hexed.

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