Wednesday, October 24, 2007

"Return to House on Haunted Hill" review

Return to House on Haunted Hill (2007)

Director: Víctor García
Writer: William Massa

Amanda Righetti ... Ariel Wolfe
Cerina Vincent ... Michelle
Erik Palladino... Desmond
Tom Riley... Paul
Andrew Lee Potts ... Kyle
Jeffrey Combs ... Dr. Richard Benjamin Vannacutt
Steven Pacey ... Richard
Two words: Undead lesbians. In one sequence in “Return to House on Haunted Hill”, one of the conniving thieves, (who just happens to be a hot babe), gets seduced by two ghoulish lesbians. She never bothers to question why these ghostly women are all over her. She just gives in to their warm, deadly Sapphic embrace. It’s important, thought-provoking scenes like this which bring me back to B-movies time and time again.

A disparate assortment of characters get drawn into the house on haunted hill by promises of an evil statue worth millions. The professor wants to save it and the thieves want to sell it. As they make their way through the abandoned asylum, the ghosts take offense to their presence and proceed to dispatch them in the most gruesome way possible. The statue may hold the key to surviving their night with the living dead.

“Return to House on Haunted Hill” is a straight ahead, mainstream B-flick. The story moves from point A to point B with few surprises. However, it is nice to watch a straight to video flick that was made with at least some degree of professionalism. “Return to House on Haunted Hill” is a slick, no nonsense exercise in genre filmmaking. It throws in the blood, guts, scares and undead lesbians into the mix to delight the B-movie fans. You can’t fault it for that. Well, at least I can’t. It’s worth a look.
SCORE: 3 out of 4 bloodthirsty ghouls


Anonymous said...

Does this answer how those 2 survivors from the original House on Haunted Hill got off of the little balcony like 20 stories off the ground at the end of that movie? That always bugged me. They were all laughing at their luck at being alive, but who was going to find them up there?

Dr. Gore ( said...

Good question. I don't really remember much about the first movie. Actually, I don't remember much from this movie except for the undead babes. But what's 20 stories off the ground mean to B-movie logic? I'm sure Julie Strain and Mia Zottoli flew down from their commando helicopters and plucked them right off the haunted house. It could happen.

Anonymous said...

You had me at "undead lesbians".

Anonymous said...

I've heard sorted reviews on this one. But with Jeffrey Combs and Cerina Vincent- I think I'll take a look. Thanks for the review!!